Wordpress business directory theme free download

wordpress business directory theme free download

Number of items in cart: 0. Free WordPress Directory themes are best for listing any kind of business, events, attractions, restaurants, and others. Directory themes are user-friendly. WordPress offers a number of plugins to add any feature to your directory themes. All of them are downloadd customizable, responsive, and flexible enough to make your site more attentive. There are various directory themes available relating to varied topics like events, festivals, advertisement, businesses, tourism, publishing, real estate, market, etc.
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    Unlimited theme installations on websites you own. Extended License. Live Demo. Version: How Does It Work? Start a directory website today - it's quick and easy. View Live Demo.

    Download Free Business Directory WordPress theme - JustFreeWPThemes

    Popular Features Over 1, features built-in - here are some of our customer favorites. Claim My Business!

    Memberships Packages Membership packages allow you to limit access to website pages and content. Dedicated Members Area Wow your members with our powerful members area setup. Trusted by 65, Happy Customers! I use PremiumPress themes for all my client websites. David Kakoczki Fantastic value for money!

    Create Your Own Directory Website Today.

    In addition, each of the members have their own dashboard for managing listings and posting new items they would like to sell. Along with translation tools, two columns, a custom header, and various sidebar options, the LarrysList theme holds up. The Viper WordPress theme is yheme for setting up an affiliate directory. Therefore, people come to your page and shop like they would on any other eComemrce site.

    7+ Free Directory WordPress Themes

    If someone clicks through and buys a product, you get a kickback. The main settings include an option to adjust the number of items you show per page. You can also move around those products and make it so that only categories are being revealed.

    Create an online directory to become the “go to” source of your niche. Download Business Directory Plugin for WordPress now. It’s fast, easy, and flexible. Free WordPress Listing Plugin Features. See all WordPress listing plugin features. Fully customizable form fields to submit listings/5(). [Download] FindAll – Business Directory Theme Free Nulled Your new business directory has arrived! Welcome to FindAll, a theme ideal for all types of business directory and service listing websites, equipped with all the essentials a modern business directory website can ever need. Oct 19,  · Aryan - Listing & Directory WordPress Theme Download free download Wordpress Theme! Tags: automobile, best listing theme, best wordpress directory theme, business.

    The offer wordpreas is controlled with the help of an image URL, and this will show to the right of an image slider. Therefore, you can showcase more products on the homepage or think about selling advertising for the banner. As for the slider, this connects to one of your categories, for scrolling through a list of certain highlighted products in that category.

    #1 Wordpress Directory Theme (New ) - Download Now!

    Cownload great thing is that you can choose the number of slides and banners you have on your site. Overall, this is the closest you can get to an online store without working with your own inventory. The Paraxe WordPress theme has a more modern and visual frse to it, since you get a large, parallax header image, wordpress some social media buttons for sending people to your other platforms. The theme is purposefully colored dark for a sleek tone, and the interesting scrolling effect comes into play when trying to grab attention from people who just land on your site.

    In addition, the theme has a responsive layout for viewing on phones and tablets. Since directories need to fit in lots of listings, it makes sense that the theme provides a four column layout. The three navigational bars are enough to guide people to their favorite local spots, while the footer supports custom widgets such as Instagram feeds, videos, and latest article lists.

    Download FindAll - Business Directory Theme Free Nulled

    Thanks for the list Brenda. The free Directory theme gets a slating over on WordPress. Your email address will not be published. Epicurean Theme.

    Aryan - Listing & Directory WordPress Theme FREE Download | wpnull24

    Underwood Theme. Simple Theme. Wanderlust Theme. Demo Details.

    wordpress business directory theme free download

    Join Today. Whether you're a designer, small business, non-profit or entrepreneur, our themes are made for you. Join the Nimbus community today and start crafting the website of your dreams!

    Free WordPress directory Themes - Wbcom Designs

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    wordpress business directory theme free download

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      Online directories vary in many different ways. The most popular directory website is probably Yelp , since it delivers all sorts of information, ratings, and reviews about local restaurants and other companies. On the other hand, you can find niche directories for gaming sites , WordPress theme companies, and more.

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