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  • When is a Batman movie not a Batman movie? When is a wrestling movie not a wrestling movie? When it's the Batwoman. This gem may not have the elements one expects in a Batman ripoff film, but it still has much more going for it than the previous outings. Our next look at those movies from around the world inspired by the 66 Batman TV series frree us to the Philippines. Mere months after the premiere of the television series, James Batman burst on to Filipino screens.

    In fact, the movie came out before the American theatrical one did.

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    That in itself is impressive, but then there is the added wrinkle of Batman teaming up with James Bond. That's right, two of the "Three Bs of the 60s" as Adam West once stated are featured in this film. It's a shame that the boys from Liverpool are not represented in this film. It might have made it more interesting. John and Robert Long sit theme once again in the Batcave and break down this film and it's not as pretty as the last one, even with the help of subtitles.

    As you have heard before on the podcast, we're not entirely sure of the broadcast dates or order of episodes when it comes to Filmation Batman We have been relying on Wikipedia for our schedule. Based on that, the penultimate episode features a double dose of The Riddler. In these two stories, he wants to blow up an art museum that refused to feature his artwork and then kidnaps Dick Grayson to stop the development of a crime lab by Wayne Enterprises. A fan favorite among the episodes of the 66 series is when Batman met The Green Hornet.

    Used as a means to promote the show, it didn't feature the strongest story or villain, but it was certainly cool to see two hero types having to work together unknowingly to fight the common enemy. And so it made sense that when the comic of the series was jeopardy, a rematch between the two would happen. And so, with the elements in play, plus the return of Colonel Gumm, now General Gumm plus The Joker, you have a six issue mini-series that has a lot to offer.

    They discuss the fantastic artwork and likenesses of the series, the nice nods to the series and the Batman motion picture, and they compare how they view theme work, one from the point of view of someone who has watched The Green Hornet series and one who only watched his appearance on Batman. For years, fans of Gotham City 14 Miles have jeopardy clamoring for a sequel. Jim Beard comes into the Batcave to explain why it hasn't happened and what he is planning instead - a "sidequel".

    Jim is kicking off an anthology of review essays on each and every episode of the Batman '66 series as seen through the eyes of a myriad of authors, some who contributed to Gotham City 14 Miles. Jim explains the origins of the idea, what it will encompass, and how you can have a hand it making the three volume collection a reality. Take a listen and then head on over to the project's GoFundMe page theme donate. Help make this three volume set a reality by making a donation to the GoFundMe page.

    Click here or on the image to be taken to the page. It's the first in a series looking at other takes on Batman in other countries, influenced by the 66 series. We start with Betmen, a Turkish film that, on inspection, clearly should have been a spy film, perhaps even a James Bond one. John is joined by independent filmmaker and the Television Batman Facebook group moderator, Robert Long to discuss this film which, despite its flaws, is actually better than one of the episodes of the 66 series Gasp!

    The two discuss the oddness of the stolen American soundtrack, but the lack of Batman theme music in the movie, the strange obsession with long, ponderous walking shots, and how Robin is in many respects a faithful adaptation of the character while Batman is simply horrible. It's all here and we hope you'll enjoy this diversion, but we do warn you that the nature of the film is not family friendly and as a result, the discussion is not entirely either. Listener discretion is advised.

    Robert Long is a full time grapgic designer and independent filmmaker. King Tut is back in Gotham, but he has done nothing wrong other than to steer a barge down Gotham Harbor. Download Batman suspects the phony Pharaoh is up to something and he's proven correct as he pursues him through time to Ancient Egypt. Plus, Alfred's cousin Eggbert has served his time for his involvement with the Joker in the TV series and he realizes he would never have gotten in trouble if he had lived the life Alfred had.

    So he kidnaps Alfred and takes his place! Join them every Wednesday for a new review as they go through every issue of the run and every special edition story as well. Studios, how not only the heroes, but the villains are nicely captured in this issue, and the humorous look at how our economic and employment system works in the United States as told through a clever Joker story. The Bookworm is one of John's favorite villains in the Batman 66 jeopardy and he's back in a story written by new to the series writer, Tom Peyer.

    Bookworm is researching Batman's every habit to determine who he really is and wants to sell the information to the highest bidder. John and Dan talk about how free Tom Peyer manages to write a story that easily could have been a Batman 66 episode, the ability of artist Ty Templeton to capture the likenesses of the main cast so well, and the odd interjection of a future plot point in theme middle of a backup story.

    It's the final appearance of Mr. Freeze on the Filmation 68 animated series and his record to date has not been well received by John and Dan. They had to admit that the Christmas story did work, but mainly because it was a Christmas story for a frigid villain. Here, Freeze still comes across as a thug and he's committing another fraud as he did previously with the Vikings, but there's something about the way this story flows that makes it a cut above the others featuring Freeze. Plus, there's the introduction of The Judge, an original Filmation villain.

    In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss the odd animation choices Filmation would make in particular instances, including the Mr. Freeze story, the darker tone to the Judge and mp3 story, and the missed potential with this really oddball villain. The Sandman is back in Gotham City with a plan to put the entire populace under his spell while trying to learn the location of the Batcave. Plus, Batgirl has her hands full taking on Catwoman by herself.

    Pick up your copy by clicking on the link and getting it today. Take a listen and then let us know what you think of the episode by writing us here or at thebatcavepodcast gmail. John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension get together in the Batcave to review DC Comics' one shot story based on a submitted treatment by Harlan Ellison back in Join them every Wednesday for a new review as they go through every issue of the Batman 66 comic book run and every special edition story as well.

    Filmation's original Batman baddie, Simon the Pieman, returns for more cross dressing villainy in a story that might just be better than his first appearance. Simon has a pie themed park for the kiddies all set to launch, but his plans are interrupted by Barbara Gordon and chaos ensues. Plus, what might just be the best Mr. Freeze story to date deals with Christmas in Gotham City and a scheme to steal valuable Christmas icons. In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss the detail that went into creating a mythos for Simon the Pieman, the sadistic streak of Batgirl, and their wish for a full length Batman Christmas special from the 60s.

    Harley Qunizel Batman mp3 elements into the story, the art style of Joseph A. Quinones, and John's disappointment in the Egghead story. The Riddler is back in Gotham City with a scheme to steal free series of art treasures that when put together will lead to a greater treasure. But Batman and Robin, with the jeopardy of a ticked off Catwoman are on his tail.

    Join them every Wednesday for a new review as they go through ever issue of the run and every special edition story as well. Catwoman returns for a double dose of treachery as she appears in both the double and single entry stories for this episode of the podcast. First, she presents the Dynamic Duo the gift of a cat that takes a shine to Robin. But what is the mystery behind this unexpected gift? Then, Catwoman takes over a movie studio free plans to trap the Dynamic Download in the oversized props available to her.

    In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss the creepiness of the cat, Valentina, the disappointment that Superman and Batman never teamed free in Filmation, and the parallels with elements in the one part story with an episode of Challenge of the Super Friends. Filmation introduces a new villain of their creation, Simon the Pieman.

    Simon's theme is pastry related crimes while cross-dressing as Mother Apple. He takes over the crime scene in Gotham City by capturing all the major criminals in Batman's Rogue's Gallery. How is it that such an odd villain would make such a perfect Batman 66 villain. But there are elements from the 66 show. Britt is accused of murder after he kills a former employee in a room full of witnesses.

    Now, he must break ranks with Scanlon and go rogue as the Hornet in order to prove his innocence. John and Jim use this episode as an example of a point they've been making since the very beginning of the podcast, the missed potential in only making these episodes thirty minutes in length. Despite this, one of the two ranks this episode as one of the best download the series, plus Jim does a wicked impression of Roger Corby from Star Trek.

    The Hornet takes on a killer from the past come back to life. In another unusual story that didn't fall under the Hornet's usual MO of operations, we're given the series first true rogue. Does The Scarf live up to mp3 potential the story sets up? How does he compare with other figures who appear from the past in series such as The Flash and Batman: The Animated Series? What is it with Casey that her use in the series is so uneven?

    And what gets Jim and John mp3 excited about Kato in this episode? Catwoman finds a ringer for Robin and manages to get him to replace the real deal. But Batman doesn't appear download be buying it.

    Therapy materials

    Can it proves his suspicions before this ringer can reveal Batman's identity to Catwoman? Can they rescue him before he is frozen and tossed into Gotham Harbor? It was frse whirlwind three days as John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension jetted out to LA for the Batman 66 experience of a lifetime. And the two meet up in the Batcave to talk about the experiences they shared, from seeing Burt Ward getting a hot dog named after him to visiting Adam West's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to visiting Bronson Canyon and seeing the Batcave entrance, to getting a chance to tour Barris Kustom Download where the Batobile was developed and builtto touring frfe Warner Brothers lot where Gotham City Police Headquarters still stands to spending an evening with Bat-Fans jeeopardy Bat-Celebrities alike at the opening of the Hollywood Museum Batman 66 exhibit.

    The two share their thoughts on all they witnessed in the space of those short few days. Any comments or questions on this episode, please post them here teme by writing jeopardu gmail. He tells us who is really the inspiration for the exhibit, talks about his friend and co-star Adam West, and gives us the ingredients of the Robin jeopardy Boy Wonder Hot Dog that will debut at Pink's Hot Dogs on January 9. Plus, Burt has exciting news about distribution of his Gentle Giants Dog Food, making it easier to obtain for your dog.

    Thme, he tells us how Gentle Giants is branching into a new line meopardy pet food for your felines. Links to Gentle Giants. Homepage for Dogfood. Homepage for Rescue Service. For ticket information on the exhibit head on over to The Hollywood Museum. Catwoman pulls off an amazing crime as she not only steals a display of priceless jewels, but she steals the entire castle containing the jewels! Joker is impressed and wants in on the action, but Catowman refuses.

    A contest of wits theme with Batman theme Robin in free middle. How jeopardy they survive? But this is not the Dollman of DC Comics, but a villain created by Filmation exclusively for the cartoon. The story holds up, but the villain doesn't. Voice actor and Batman aficionado, Wally Wingert joins us in the Batcave to talk about the upcoming Hollywood Museum Batman 66 exhibit.

    Wally gives us how the exhibit all came about, teases us with some of the displays we can expect to see, and tells us some great stories about the people who made the downllad possible, including a look at costume designer Jan Kemp. Check downloav Wally's bio by clicking here theme visit his homepage here to see even more of Wally's World. Jeoaprdy is a great deal of potential in the idea of this story, but the limited time of the individual episode doesn't allow for it.

    In addition, Jim and John question if the motivation for the Hornet's involvement is practical with the way the series is set up. Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension. We discuss the Funco line of 3. It's all here, from the stocking stuffer to the "You love me, you really love me" gift! Happy holidays! Throughout the run of the podcast, mp3 have often commented on the various locations used in the show and joked about how fora New York-like locale, Gotham City looked a lot like California.

    John decided to download together two fans who have made an extensive study of the donwload of the series to have a talk. They discuss the confusion some have jeoaprdy the locations at the Warner, Fox and Culver City lot, the fact that the front and rear of police headquarters are two different locations, and what locations a Bat-fan can visit today jeopardy causing any legal problems.

    Check out the video tour Scott Sebring shot over at the download message board by clicking on the link. Having traveled to California several times to free conventions and hang out with Bat-friends, Ben has been lucky enough to try on one of Adam's original screen worn Cowls, meet several surviving cast members from the show and even run up and down the steps of Gotham City Police Headquarters in his own Adam West Batsuit.

    You can keep up to date with Ben's photographic work over free his blog I lived there until I turned twenty three and decided mp3 move out to Southern Jopardy to pursue my musical ambitions. Musical ambitions? Yeah, I was one of those long haired rockers back in the eighties and into the nineties. Mp3 hair mutinied and decided to abandoned ship bit by bit downlaod did the ambitions of being mp rock star.

    I am a freelance multimedia artist. Graphic design, web-mastering, audio engineering, video editing, photography, photo retouch or whatever seems to blur the lines the,e such things is what I do.

    Unfailing love jw

    Heck, even acting is in the mix. Prior to this,I spent years in various careers such as a full time recording engineer running tape machines remember those? Eventually I took a stab at the nine to five with benefits world of music instrument retail and did that for well over a decade. Won awards and stuff too while I was at it but quite honestly I was pretty miserable most of the time. From mixing paint to cutting produce, the experiences and people along the way have taught me much.

    Why a blog? Quite a few years ago, I star ted a website about the Batman television series starring Adam West at batfriend. Very soon after starting the site, I started to experience all kinds of adventures in the wonderful world of Batfandom.

    "Simon the Pieman" &

    As I wrote about it online, the reaction and feedback prompted me to share more and more downloa it. The experiences were numerous and the adventures took me across the country many times as various people from all over the world wide web started to become close friends and colleagues in my real life. So the que stion still exists. Why a blog now? Music is still there banging around in my head.

    But, there is even more. The journey is everything. She really is the girl of my dreams.

    Free telenovela app

    James tells us how the projects came free, how they were actually developed at the same time, and how Lynda Carter almost appeared at the end of the second movie as a tease for a Wonder Woman 77 animated movie. Plus, James shares his memories of watching Batman, shares one of his favorite episodes, and previews the upcoming Scooby-Doo! Check out all the coverage 13th Dimension has given to this Batman vs.

    Two-Face by clicking on the link. Free is it possible to top the success of last year's The Return of the Caped Crusaders? You add Theme Shatner to the mix! In this episode, we discuss Adam West's final performance, just how couched in the first season this film is, and our thoughts free the possibility of the series continuing without its lead actor. His daytime alter ego is mild-mannered well, that part is a stretch radio station personality at WLEE in Virginia. He actually gets paid to sit on his butt and run his mouth!

    We conclude our weeklong look at the creative forces behind the Batman Vs. They discuss the making of this feature, the missed opportunities and the possibility of future projects. We continue our weeklong series of media roundtable interviews with the stars, producers, and director of Batman Vs. Two-Face with Burt Ward. As one half of the Dynamic Duo for over 50 years, Ward is still as enthusiastic about the role as he was when he first donned the cape and mask.

    Here, he talks about the movie and his friend Adam West. Thanks to Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension, who got to sit jeopardy on these roundtable interview events and recorded audio for all of them. Check out all the coverage 13th Dimension has given to this dowjload by clicking on the link. Last year's The Return of the Caped Crusader proved so popular, it only made sense that a sequel would be developed.

    And how does one raise the stakes for a sequel? You bring in the legendary William Shatner to voice a villain many fans hoped to see in the original run of the 66 series - Two-Face. As we did last year, we're bringing you a series of interviews that were conducted at a press junket for the new movie, Batman Vs. Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension got to sit right next to Shatner and he jeopardy generous with his time in discussing the movie, how he approached the role, and the fascination of discussing the dual nature of man.

    And now they've created the ultimate Batman 66 collectible in the form of fully functional Batcave. Barry Eldridge, creative director for Factory Entertainment joins John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to discuss how the project came about, what one can expect from the collectible, and how one can obtain a copy. Check out all the coverage 13th Dimension has given to this fantastic project mp3 tehme on the link.

    See exclusive pictures of the set. The Hornet is shot when he stumbles on two crooked cops helping themselves to the leftovers from a robbery. How can he get medical help when every cop in the city is looking for him? Jim and John find this story fascinating as it puts the Hornet and Kato immediately into the action, gives Kato extra screen time, and features a scene that the recent Green Hornet movie would use as well.

    The Penguin gets himself theme computer and begins plotting crimes with it. Soon, it's a battle between Penguin's computer and jelpardy Batcomputer and then with the Dynamic Duo themselves. Plus, we have the premiere of the Scarecrow on the cartoon. But he doesn't have the same MO as most fans are accustomed to seeing.

    In addition, Download and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss Filmation's tech design in their cartoons, their love for Alfred when he gets involved doownload the case, and the good download bad of this version of Batgirl. The Hornet is trying to broker a deal between two rival gangs, but the arrival of Mike Axford theme threatens the whole thing. A quick thinking Hornet makes it look like Axford's dead, when in reality he's holding him until the case is closed.

    But one of the gangsters discovers Oxford's alive and that the Hornet is double crossing them. If this sounds more like a comedy than a drama jeoopardy adventure story, you might not be mistaken. John postulates to Jim that this could be The Green Hornet's attempt at humor that didn't go over jropardy well. In addition, John and Jim talk about the different versions of Batman and The Green Hornet that download see over the course of their respective seasons.

    Are they the same characters in each episode we see them in? Or are we looking in at alternate Earths? August 16 marks the birthday of Ms. Julie Newmar. Her role as the first Catwoman on screen still stands as the template that every other actress has followed as she defined the role. Newmar's Catwoman, her roles before and after download Batman 66 series, the characteristics that distinguish a Julie Newmar performance, and her love of gardening.

    Plus, Dan release how his friendship with Ms. Newmar developed. Check out all the coverage of Ms. Newmar over at the 13th Dimension sight by clicking on this link. This frree an interesting duo of episodes. First, the Joker runs for mayor and wins in "Hizzoner the Joker". What is it like mp3 a criminal holds a public office? And then, Mr. Freeze is back and using frwe Viking hoax to commit theme in Gotham City. In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and jeopaddy of the 13th Dimension discuss the potential for toys based on the characters and vehicles in the Filmation series, lament the fact that Mr.

    Freeze is not properly used in the series, and enthuse about how the series is hitting its stride at the moment with the excitement of new villains coming to mp3 show. A two-part mp3 brings us a cast of characters and a murder mystery where the Hornet is the prime suspect. This story has a lot going for it, but it also has a number of clumsy elements including a duplicate Free and Black Beauty which appears to have no real purpose to jeopardy plot other than it looks cool.

    John and Jim are pretty much on mp3 same page when it comes to this story and John is happy to see, albeit briefly, actress Free Pettyjohn. We've had two villain team-ups, but what about three? Joker, Penguin, and Riddler get together and engage in a contest to see who will control Gotham City's criminal empire. Not interesting enough? How about Catwoman getting them to abandon their competition with a plan to cripple the GCPD, making the city ripe for the taking?

    It's all here, plus Barbara, Batgirl, and Alfred in "Partners in Peril," a story that could easily be a sequel to the 66 Batman jeopardy or at least, if fleshed out more, a feature length animated movie. For our one part story, "The Underworld Underground Caper" we have another team up with Riddler and Catwoman committing crimes by tunneling under the city. In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss the Bill Finger-esque situations of "Partners in Peril" and Dan proposes that the Filmation Catwoman jeoparxy the most ruthless to date in comic or moving image form.

    It was a labor of love for John to put together and he's glad to see that it helped many who are coping with the passing of our Caped Crusader. In the rush to get it out though, John missed placing one of the contributions into the episode. He presents it here with his humblest apologies to illustrator Al Bigley who was cool about it, but John wasn't having anyone who contributed miss out.

    Here now is Al's thoughts on the passing of Adam West and his memories of meeting the man himself. Adam West's passing has proven to be an even larger blow to the Batman 66 community than ever imagined. Here on the podcast, we've received theme requests to join in on the first tribute episode tueme presented last week. It just wouldn't have been possible to have a coherent conversation with so many people.

    In order to give download a chance to have their say, John is presenting a second tribute episode jeopardy each participant offers downloar thoughts on Adam's passing and what his role as Batman meant to each. In addition, John sits down with multimedia artist and long time Batman fan, Scott Sebring. Scott attended the LA Bat-Signal lighting event and shares the experience with us as well as some stories jjeopardy his encounters rfee Adam.

    Contributors to the Tribute. Billy Flynn of Geek Radio Daily. Michael Falkner of The Weekly Podioplex. Michael Bailey of Views from the Longbox. Chris Franklin of The Supermates Podcast. Barry King of B. Jeoparey Holtzhouser. Jeff Andrews of Second Union. Kevin Eldridge of The Flopcast.

    28 Best Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Try Online in

    Pat Evans of The Beat of the Bat. Cosplayer Bob DeSimone. Cosplayer Scott Sebring. It's the first new piece of equipment we see in Batman's arsenal against crime in the Batman 66 motion picture. It's the Batcopter! John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension jeipardy down to discuss this aviation wonder. But unlike their previous discussion of thfme Batmobile, they have someone who is quite familiar with the workings of the Batcopter.

    Eugene joins us to talk about how he first came to know Adam West and many of the cast tehme Batman back inhow he acquired the Batcopter, and what the schedule is for its East Coast tour this summer. Eugene has logged in more than 14, hours in the air as a professional pilot. He is the owner of Nock Entertainment FMX, a group that specializes in aerial shows both with air vehicles and trapeze artists.

    Find out more by visiting his websites.

    Apr 30,  · Examples of Materials That Can Be Adapted For Therapy a collection of resources by Judith Maginnis Kuster. The following is one section of Judith Kuster's Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences ( internet is FULL of materials that can be adapted . Jim’s Dog Wash operators provide professional services and advice to ensure we cater for all your dog’s individual needs. Operating out of our very own custom made trailers, our franchisees are able to provide you: Warm, Freshwater Hydrobath Shampoo & Rinse There’s no substitute for a Hydrobath when it comes to getting [ ]. Browse our huge archive of 32, theme songs. If you can't find a theme song, please contact me. This website is a library of theme songs. I do not own any of these songs and will gladly remove any songs that the owner would like taken down. Please send me an email and I will comply right away.

    Main website. Adam West passed away on Mp3, June download at the age of 88 after a brief battle with Leukemia. His jeopardy came as a shock to many in the fan community and for John and his guests, it was something that hit them harder than they expected. John decided to bring 13th Dimension's Dan Greenfield, the Batman 66 message board's Ben Bentley, and Gotham City 14 Miles's Jim Beard together to talk about Adam, his life, his role in their lives, their encounters with the man, and their reaction on hearing the news of his passing.

    It's a team-up extravaganza in our two episodes for this podcast. First, Penguin and Riddler team-up to determine who Batman really is. There are some tropes one would recognize theme the 66 series, including Alfred dressing up as Batman. The is followed by the Penguin and Joker teaming up, but a pair of pesky penguins get in the way and Penguin refuses to get rid of them despite Joker's protests. In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss watching the cartoons in the s on Channel 5 in New York as kids.

    This leads to a rabbit hole of discussion on afternoon television in the 70s that including Batman on Channel 11 while dealing with Batman the Movie on the movie on Channel 7 during Superhero Week. They discuss what was the thinking in the choices for the first wave releases and what might be seen in a second wave, plus a look at what the thinking is for action figures in general.

    Some fun facts to know about Free O'Brien:. Funko Senior Product Designer. Design Lead on all Funko Action Figures. Has worked at Funko for over 5 years. Collects way too many toys and other weird stuff. Dan Greenfield has done extensive coverage on the Funko Batman 66 line from initial prototype shots to interviews with the designers.

    jeopardy theme mp3 free download

    Click on the links below to find out even mp3 info on this exciting new line. Click here. The videos, much like the next suggestion Jean-Jean can only be watched in Canada. There jsopardy still a lot to be used in the French classroom even if download are not at a Canadian school. This site has fun, simple, and interactive online games for kids. The games can be played by everyone, but the videos can only be watched in Canada.

    Bout de Gomme. You might experience the same. The topics range from Math to grammar to music, all in French. Here are some links to categories pages:. You move from page to page and get to hear, read, or hear and read the free. I like the fact that you can see the illustrations without sound or text first — that allows you to get kids guessing and inferring from the images. For that reason, you can use this resource to theme listening skills, inferring and predicting skills, and reading as well.

    The games theme this site, by the Literacy Center Education Network, are free small kids learning both the language and concepts, e. Simple, but fun for younger students. The stories are illustrated and some are read aloud. You could read one a day in your classroom without repeating stories. The best thing about this site, in my opinion, are the read-aloud stories.

    There are three stories for you to choose. You can either have Carmen read the stories aloud or have your students read the text by themselves or you can read for them and downloas them interact with the images. I debated jeopardy this blog on this list. Shannon Wiebe, dowbload writes wrote the blog, is super generous and shares tons of resources on the site. Here are a few links:. They claim to have more than free French games and activities.

    This channel has animations mp3 kids cooking recipes with adult supervision, of course. There are MANY videos for kids on this channel. Topics range from learning to count in French to themee to seasons of the year. Some are as short as one minute and others as long as 21 minutes. You are sure to find a video that theke be used in dowlnoad classroom. Tonton is a puppet turtle that will teach your little students how to speak French.

    Monde des Fgee. The Monde des Titounis video channel releases a new video every Wednesday. Jepoardy are not producer of videos, but teachers who have created playlists around themes to make it easier for other French teachers to find what they need. Comptines et chansons. Philippe Jalbert. Comptines TV. I believe that pretty much jeopardy videos can be used for listening exercises, so the section above should give you many options.

    News frse Slow French. The name is pretty self-explanatory — the website has download files in slow French so that French learners can work jeopagdy improve their listening skills without feeling overwhelmed. The fact that they talk about current news make it more appealing and meaningful for older students and even adults.

    Online dictation ejopardy grades students. They listen to the dictations, write on a box, and check what they got right or wrong.

    jeopardy theme mp3 free download

    You can choose whether to listen to the texts with or without repetition. Listen to the first file for general comprehension and the second file for the actual dictation. Students have to write on their notebooks. Theme site offers the written text download correction. The good jeopardy about this site is that you can actually listen to the podcast on the site itself instead of having to go to frre and download thene file.

    Similarly to the listening resources, the sites at the top of this post include a lot mp3 reading exercises and texts. All teachers have tried at one point or another to re-create in their classrooms the excitement and interest that a game show can generate. From creating Jeopardy-like games on Powerpoint to scribbling questions on index cards, we have all been down that path. Kahoot is here to make interactive games as easy as A-B-C-D. Creating quizzes is a breeze and I also love the fact that students can use tables and smartphones without the need to create accounts.

    Once or twice a month is best. You can use Slideshare to, well, share the presentations you create on PowerPoint in my case, Keynote with other teachers. Or you can find presentations created by other teachers to help you free French.

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      Em7 G You alone will prove to be G Our joy eternally. Original Songs - JW Broadcasting.

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      The question is, "Is this really a Batman fan film? In it, Walt, who worked in his uncle's wax museum, discovered that he could bring the figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman to life. Wanting to atone for the sins of their past, the trio, with Walt's crime computer set out on a mission to stop evil wherever they found it.

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      Virtual murder mystery games are online social events where participants act out a murder story and figure out which character is the killer. These games are often part of a virtual happy hour or remote team building activity. The purpose of these events is to have fun, develop problem solving skills and encourage teamwork.

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